Meet Loriann Rosario – Age 23

What do you see yourself doing in the next five years?
I had no idea how to answer the question.

What was my purpose? What was I put on the earth to do?
I did recall a desire to travel and serve in other parts of the state and possibly around the globe. I never gave the idea much thought primarily because of the financial costs. I didn't believe it would ever be possible for me. 

Through some friends, I was introduced to an organization called The World Race where I was offered an opportunity to serve in 11 countries in 11 months. 

Thanks to donors and partners like Willie Alfonso and IANB, I was able to live out a life long dream of mine.I served in Zambia, Malawi, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, China, Mongolia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Nepal teaching children english, manual labor and helping with medical clinics. My life will never be the same. In a few weeks, I'm leaving on a short term trip to Cuba and opportunities continue to come my way. I am continuing to pay it forward, one day and one life at a time. 

Thank you Pastor Willie and IANB for believing in me and encouraging me to step out in the calling to serve all over the world. Whether it was cutting a check to help reach my financial goal or giving me an opportunity to earn the money working with students, I am incredibly grateful for the support of IANB.