Meet Luis Rosario – Age 21

My name is Luis and I was diagnosed with ADHD. Like many other children like me, I was given medication and struggled academically. I was hyperactive and troublesome at school. This made me a perfect candidate for Pastor Willie and IANB mentoring program. They specialize in the special cases - like me!

One of the things that spoke volumes to me was their level of patience and consistency with me in spite of my behavioral challenges. I am thankful for them never giving up on me. The lunch dates, home visits and opportunities to work were an important part of my growth and development. 

One day, he called my house after my parents reached out to him and he lovingly put the smack down on me. He has the gift of setting you straight and I'm so thankful for Willie Alfonso and IANB for their help throughout the years.

I am presently working at New York’s Sports Club and Anthropolgie. IANB is assisting me in my pursuit of a career as an EMT and eventually the FDNY. I would like to thank Pastor Willie and IANB for just being
so supportive of my needs and dreams.