Meet Sara Martone - Age 26

I thought I was going to die a drug addict. 

I spent a good portion of my life on the streets abusing drugs. I was crossing state lines and doing just about anything to get my next fix.  

Things reach rocked bottom for me and I wanted to end my life. In a desperate last ditch effort, my dad drove me to the Walter Hoving House - what i thought was just another rehab center. As fate would have it, during my 15 month stay at Walter Hoving Home, I  met Pastor Willie and Nancy Alfonso. They were angels sent by God.  I'll never forget the first time they invited me to spend Christmas with them at their home. What they didn't know was that I'd spent the last 7 Christmas's in drug rehab centers because I could never afford to get home for the holidays. I've been a permanent fixture in the Alfonso home ever since.

I am indebted to the Alfonso's and IANB for investing in me. After Walter Hoving House, they encouraged me to go back to school. I started out in elementary education. Then, I did what natural born children do - change majors! Thankfully, they didn't even flinch. They supported my season of self discovery and transition. I eventually completed my certification as a drug and alcohol counselor and am presently working for Project Hospitality as youth counselor helping young men dealing with homelessness, substance abuse, HIV and mental illness - all thanks to the Alfonso's and IANB.

I would like to Pastor Willie and IANB for investing in me when success was not guaranteed. I couldn't have done it without IANB's encouragement, love and financial support. I'm now paying it forward, one day and one life at a time!