It’s what we do

It's A New Beginning is a foundation established by William and Nancy Alfonso to create and support mentoring programs that motivate at risk youth to lead positive and productive lives. IANB strives to create and support faith based activities that reward academic excellence, leadership development and a Christlike lifestyle. We believe creating new beginnings lead to new opportunities and result in a new life.  Creating a culture of personal empowerment is of greater value to IANB than dependency or entitlement.

Our Mission


New Beginning Mentors are critical to the success of the foundation since our motto is “mentored to be a mentor.” Mentoring is a gift that keeps on giving. As we mentor at risk youth through critical seasons of their lives, they will in turn pay it forward by mentoring other students coming up through the ranks of our mentoring program. Every mentee will go through our empowerment curriculum, which includes bible study, character development, life skills, healthy lifestyles, emotional health and life group accountability.


College Exploration
It's a New Beginning will offer help for its students and parents to navigate the college process including essay writing, financial aid, standardized test preparation and college tours.

It's a New Beginning will offer academic and merit based financial scholarships including tuition, room, board and books.

Drug and Alcohol Awareness

It’s A New Beginning students will participate in trainings, drug rehabilitation visits to provide them information on the effects and consequences resulting from drug usage and abuse.

Crisis Intervention
It’s A New Beginning students who are experimenting or addicted to drugs or alcohol will be connected with our ministry partners who will aid in the intervention process.

Meet Elias

Born and raised in the Fort Greene section of Brooklyn with his parents, brother and three sisters. Elias lived in the projects and grew up around drugs, gang violence and murders on the outside.
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Meet Loriann

With a desire to serve in other states and possibly around the globe Loriann was introduced to The World Race. But because of because of the financial costs she didn't believe it would ever be possible for her. With the help of IANB she was able to serve others in 11 countries in 11 months.
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Meet Sara

A good portion of her life was spent on the streets abusing drugs. She was crossing state lines and doing just about anything to get her next fix. She is now a drug and alcohol counselor and presently working for Project Hospitality because of the help and support from IANB.
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Meet Luis

Like many other children Luis was given medication and struggled academically. Diagnosed with ADHD he was hyperactive and troublesome at school. IANB is now assisting him in his pursuit of a career as an EMT and FDNY.
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